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More growers choose to supply their crop to Marquis Macadamias SOUTH AFRICA.
We are the partner of choice – just ask our growers!


Marquis South Africa is a highly successful commercial enterprise owned by growers with grower interests at heart. We’ve worked hard to forge a world leadership position in macadamia processing and marketing.

If you would like more information on our grower benefits or how to become a grower with Marquis Macadamias South Africa,  contact our South African team today at +27 87 655 0777.
Marquis South Africa Macadamia Nut processing

Top 10 Reasons why Growers Supply to Marquis Macadamias SOUTH AFRICA*

As advised by our growers

Marquis is a highly successful commercial enterprise that is 100% owned by growers with grower interests at heart. It’s been that way since our creation in 1983, when a handful of macadamia growers in New South Wales, Australia decided to take control of the production and marketing of their own produce.

Global Macadamias joined the Group in 2021 and Marquis has worked hard to forge a world leadership position in macadamia processing and marketing. And while our commercial success is paramount, we remain focused on providing maximum benefit to our growers.

Marquis Macadamias’ sales and marketing arm, Marquis Marketing, is a global leader in macadamia marketing.

We have achieved this by constantly forging global alliances that result in innovation and significant macadamia product lines and worldwide distribution channels that drive added value for our growers.

Marquis Marketing is not content simply selling to existing markets at commodity prices. We forge global partnerships in value-added macadamia markets, constantly driving new distribution channels and higher prices for our growers.

Marquis has a long-term commitment to our growers. We’re not just a processor – Marquis has the goals, leadership and drive to steer the macadamia industry into the future. And that’s exactly what we’re doing!

We’ve been pivotal in driving many initiatives to shape the future of our industry, including standardised nut-in-shell laboratory assessment systems.

Marquis actively works with the macadamia industry throughout the world, including SAMAC (South African Macadamia Society), South African growers, Australian Macadamia Society, Australian growers and other overseas growers and producers, to help lead the industry to a sustainable, long-term future.

Our combination of a payment scheme that rewards quality, offers a fair and consistent laboratory testing process, and delivers fast payment ensures that our growers receive maximum value for their crop. 

Marquis South Africa offers competitive payment terms that are specifically designed to assist growers with their cash flow. This means our growers have the confidence to plan their cash flow with greater certainty

Our fully transparent testing process is fair to our growers. Marquis growers have found that while the price offered is important, the laboratory assessment of nut-in-shell also plays a critical role in determining their income. This is why we have created a laboratory testing system known for its reliable and consistent nut-in-shell testing. This system means that as a Marquis supplier, you can realise the higher returns you deserve.

We have an open-door laboratory policy for consignment testing, and growers are welcome to visit and see their assessments being performed. Our grower services team also use these samples to assist growers in determining quality issues and formulate farm improvements to increase quality and return for growers.

We also provide a special testing service for growers to allow them to make better farm management decisions, such as when to commence harvesting or start tree shaking.

Fair to growers, open and transparent – the pillars of Marquis’ laboratory testing.

Our efficient, high capacity receivals area ensures we can always accept your crop – meaning you get paid more money, sooner! By not having to store the nut-in-shell in your own silos, you’ll avoid any potential loss of quality. Better quality = better profits. Our ability to receive nut-in-shell when you want to deliver will also decrease your farm storage requirements, thereby reducing your capital costs.

Marquis South Africa is at the forefront of assisting growers during Farm Days, where we facilitate discussions ranging from farming to finance.

Marquis’ world class processing technology ensures your kernel gets to the market in the best shape to command the best possible returns, every time.

We continually implement new techniques and update the factories with cutting-edge equipment to lower processing costs and improve quality. This allows us to return higher payments to growers.

Marquis’ international reputation for quality is a highly prized asset. Retaining industry-leading quality standards means Marquis can command consistently high prices for our products, so we can pay consistently high prices to our growers.

In addition to the usual programs of HACCP and BRC, Marquis has its own systems in place to ensure the customer enjoys eating the most delicious macadamias.

We take great care to ensure your kernel has the longest possible shelf life by controlling storage and processing conditions. By delivering the customer the best possible quality every time, Marquis retains its reputation for quality and its ability to deliver high prices to growers.

* Seasonal T’s & C’s apply