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Marquis Press Release

Marquis Group invests globally to increase macadamia volumes, sales and supply

The Brisbane headquartered Marquis Group is investing in the world’s biggest macadamia producing regions to provide global customers access to increased volumes for premium, consistent quality products and strengthened security of supply.

The Australian-South African group commenced operations in Australia in 1983 under various names and was rebranded under the Marquis brand in February 2020 to consolidate its position as the world’s largest grower, processor and marketer of macadamias.


Since the rebrand, the Brisbane headquartered Marquis Group has announced it will be investing more than AU$35 million (US$26.1 million) into new production capacity and pasteurisation technology across its global operations.


The investments include AU$30 million (US$22.4 million) to build new cold storage, and specialised bulk drying and packing facilities at its Bundaberg processing facility in Queensland, and more than AU$1.5 million (US$1.1 million) to install a Napasol pasteurisation unit at its Lows Creek, South Africa facility.


The Marquis Group is one of only two macadamia processing companies globally using Napasol technology to deliver a certified Log5 pasteurised product, to ensure the safety and quality of its nut products.


Today, the 100% grower-owned Marquis Group includes processing companies Marquis Macadamias (Australia) and Marquis Macadamias (Africa), along with macadamia marketing company Marquis Marketing.


The combined Australian and South African operations process 32,000 tonnes per annum and sells more than 20% of the world macadamia kernel, from more than 485 growers.


Marquis Marketing markets and sells nut-in-shell, kernel and value-added macadamia products from its Brisbane offices to food manufacturing, wholesale and retail customers in more than 45 countries across five continents.


Chief Executive Officer of the Marquis Group, Larry McHugh said continued investment in technology was vital with thousands of hectares of macadamia nuts planted set to double macadamia supply within the next four to five years.


“In 2020 alone we saw around 3,000 new hectares planted in Australia and 5,400 new hectares in South Africa,” he said.

“We expect global macadamia supply to increase from roughly 220,000 tonnes to 440,000 tonnes annually by 2025-2026.


“The investments we’re making now in our Australian and South African facilities will see the Marquis Group able to process a combined 96,000 tonnes annually in the coming years.


“We expect to raise our annual revenue from approaching AU$300 million in 2020 to $500 million by 2024.”


Mr McHugh said Marquis Marketing had doubled its sales and marketing capacity to drive demand for macadamia products globally.


“It is crucial these volumes are managed well and marketed ahead of the trend. It’s about providing consistency in quality and reliability of supply for customers and a sustainable business for our Australian macadamia growers.

“Despite the COVID pandemic, we have been successful in stimulating global demand in 2021 with YTD sales already 21% higher than 2020. In some emerging markets, like Korea, we have doubled sales volumes and mature markets, such as the USA, Europe and Japan, have returned to strong growth.


“Currently, we’re supplying wholesale nut-in-shell and kernel to the biggest macadamia markets in the world, including the USA, Europe and Asia, as well as packaging kernel for some of the largest Australian, US and European retailers.


“Macadamias are renowned for their buttery flavour and soft, crunchy texture. Put macadamias into any product and it becomes a premium product.“We’re continually exploring new ways for macadamias to be incorporated into products through value-adding and as an ingredient in popular snacks and desserts, as well as a Marquis brand for retailers.

“There is no end to innovative applications for macadamias in snacks, sweet and savoury products, from health bars to confectionery, salads and desserts.


“Over the next five years Marquis Marketing will strengthen our push into product extensions, such as macadamia oil for use in cosmetics.”

Marquis Macadamias (Australia) and Marquis Macadamias (Africa) will remain 100% grower owned and run, with all profits from the business flowing back to growers.


“Being grower owned is crucial to macadamias’ clean, green and premium status. It is important for us to control the process from the grower all the way to the customer to show the ‘farm-to-plate traceability’ of our nuts.

“Demonstrating sustainability in our processing is also very important. We use every part of the macadamia nut – from husks as organic matter back into the farms, shells as fuel and stock feed, to macadamia oil for cooking oils and in cosmetics,” Mr McHugh said.