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Our Facilities

The Marquis Group has full ownership of four processing facilities across Australia and South Africa.

Alkmaar, South Africa
Marquis Macadamias Africa

Marquis Macadamias Africa is 100% owned by South African growers. The Marquis Macadamias facility in Alkmaar, South Africa, has a processing capacity of 15,000 tonnes and is growing to 30,000 tonnes. The addition of this facility to the Marquis Group provides a diversity of origin and supports year-round reliability as worldwide demand for macadamias continues to grow. With a floor area of 18,000 square metres, this facility in Alkmaar has a total bin capacity of 87 tonnes to receive crop. It also has capacity for 1,400 tonnes of drying, 3,600 tonnes of storage, and can crack 8-10 tonnes per hour. A Napasol 5-log pasteurisation system has been installed for the 2022 season to ensure ultimate food safety.