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Africa Newsletter • June 2021

All systems go in Alkmaar, South Africa for better, smarter macadamia processing

A natural product aimed at the health market would be ill-placed if the production methods were unhealthy for the planet. We are walking the talk with our new Alkmaar factory purposefully designed to be not only light on the environment but guarantee the environmental best practice integrity of the product.

“Ultimate efficiency is a trait that all business owners strive for. This was no different for the Marquis Macadamias facility where climate, systems and new technology were all taken into account to ensure the best use of resources. This has resulted in a drastic reduction in heating costs, and best of all, a lowering of the carbon footprint,” said Marquis Macadamias Director Roelof van Rooyen.

The Macadamia magazine paid us a visit last month to get the low down on the intricacies of our systems.