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The Marquis Group is the world’s largest macadamia company.

The Marquis Group

The Marquis Group is the world’s largest macadamia grower, processor and marketer providing superior quality macadamias to food manufacturing, wholesale and retail customers spanning across five continents. The Marquis Group is 100% grower-owned, processing 22,000 tonnes per annum through Marquis Macadamias in Australia and 18,000 tonnes per annum through Marquis Macadamias Africa. The production from these facilities is sold through Marquis Marketing, a jointly-owned company which also sells kernel from Kenya and other processors around the world.

With origin diversity from pristine soils in Australia, South Africa and Kenya, Marquis Marketing sells products from 16% of worldwide nut-in-shell (NIS) production and is responsible for over 20% of the world’s kernel sales, including 43% of Australia’s crop.

Marquis Macadamias Australia

Marquis Macadamias originally started as Macadamia Processing Company (MPC) when it was first established by a group of four Australian macadamia growers in 1983. Since that time, it has grown to be wholly-owned by over 180 Australian macadamia grower shareholders, with a total of 485+ Australian growers supplying macadamias.

Vertically integrated from grower to customer, farm-to-plate traceability of Marquis’ nuts is underpinned by our HACCP and BRC based food safety systems, innovative world-class manufacturing facilities and processes, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Marquis Macadamias Africa

Established in 2018 as Global Macadamias and incorporated into the Marquis Group in 2021, Marquis Macadamias Africa uses state-of-the-art factories in Nelspruit, South Africa and Louws Creek, South Africa. Marquis Macadamias Africa remains at the forefront of industry-leading technology in all of their practices to ensure the highest quality of macadamias, including HACCP and BRC food safety systems. 

Marquis Macadamias Africa’s expansion plans include increasing its processing capacity to 36,000 tonnes per annum over the coming years for their 125 African growers. 

Marquis Marketing

Marquis Marketing is 50% owned by Marquis Macadamias (Australian growers) and 50% by Marquis Macadamias Africa (South African growers). 

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Marquis Marketing sells and markets superior quality nut-in-shell and kernel to food manufacturing, wholesale and retail customers around the world, including  the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Marquis also value adds and retail packs nut-in-shell and kernel for some of the largest USA, Asian and Australian retailers.

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Taking Marquis Macadamias Australia and Marquis Macadamias Africa to the world via Marquis Marketing