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Australia • 23 December 2022

Marquis Marketing Leadership Changes

Marquis is taking the opportunity to restructure the business to meet the challenges ahead in 2023. The market and economic conditions will be challenging in the year ahead, and we at Marquis will be ready for them.

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Australia • 06 September 2022

Marquis Macadamias marks World Macadamia Day

Marquis Macadamias and their growers have celebrated the macadamia industry on World Macadamia Nut Day, Sunday 4 September, by continuing to educate the next generation in Bundaberg and Lismore about this increasingly popular crop.

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Australia • 15 June 2022

Bioacustic Bird Repeller

Cockatoos, both white and black, have increased as a pest in macadamias in the last few years. They damage irrigation lines, eat nuts and chew or nip off young branches and flush.

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Australia • 25 May 2022

Marquis cracks open the food safety debate with tech first

A $9 million investment in food safety technology has seen Marquis Macadamias become the first macadamia processor globally to successfully implement 5 log pasteurisation capability in its Australian and South African facilities through the installation of Napasol pasteurisation systems.

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Australia • 17 May 2022

Are Macadamia Nuts Good for You?

Macadamia nuts are quickly overtaking other nuts in popularity all over the world. But are they
good for you? Let’s find out about macadamia nut nutrition.

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macadamia harvest

Australia • 09 May 2022

Indian Free Trade Agreement Welcome News for Australian Macadamia Industry

The announcement of an interim Free Trade Agreement with India is welcome news for the Australian macadamia industry, says Jolyon Burnett, the CEO of the industry’s peak industry body, the Australian Macadamia Society (AMS).

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macadamia nuts - Marquis Macadamias

Australia • 07 March 2022

Macadamia oil: from a processing by-product to valuable commodity

A growing appreciation of macadamia oil’s versatility and health and beauty benefits has seen increased demand for this singular oil variety.

From the food service, manufacturing and grocery industries to the cosmetics and personal care world, macadamia oil is now a sought-after specialist niche product.

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Marquis Macadamias staff

Australia • 25 March 2022

Committed to Top Quality

As her title suggests, quality manager at Marquis Macadamias, Christine Marschke is a woman who appreciates quality. In a role which she loves, Christine has seen how quality is the backbone of a successful food manufacturing business.

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Marquis Macadamias Africa

South Africa • 23 March 2022

Marquis lights up the macadamia industry with state-of-the-art facility

The benefit of hosting a grand opening two years after Marquis Macadamias Africa officially opened their doors to farmers, is that they have had the opportunity to walk the talk.

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staff party

Australia • 03 March 2022

Andrea Lemmon proud to continue macadamia success

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Andrea Lemmon, Director and Chair of the Board of Marquis Macadamias, has spoken with Angela Norval from Bundaberg Today about her career and the female influence in the agricultural industry.

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Industry Update

Record rain and flooding affects the Australian Macadamia Crop

As you may have seen in the news, the major macadamia growing regions of South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales in Australia have recently experienced a significant rain and flooding event, which has caused widespread damage to communities and farm infrastructure.

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macadamia fruits

Australia • 24 February 2022

Australian macadamia crop predicted to increase

The 2022 Australian macadamia crop is predicted to reach 54,930 tonnes in-shell. This is an increase from last year’s crop of 51,500 tonnes in-shell @ 3.5% moisture

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Australia • 22 February 2022

Bundaberg macadamia farm goes carbon positive in industry first

In a first for the macadamia industry, Marquis Macadamias shareholder/supplier Hinkler Park Plantations have been certified as carbon positive after revolutionising their farming operations.

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soil for macadamia farming

Press Release • 07 February 2022

Bundaberg macadamia farm goes climate positive

Hinkler Park Plantations, a 3,000-hectare macadamia farm based in Bundaberg, Queensland, has achieved total greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and removals of 20,207.7 t of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in 2021 across its entire macadamia production system through carbon sequestration and cutting energy and fertiliser use.

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macadamia partnerships

Press Release • South Africa

Marquis Macadamias expands footprint with opening of Pongola Depot

Stability and security in the macadamia market received another boost with the opening of the Marquis Macadamias Pongola Depot. Serving the greater northern KwaZulu-Natal region, the depot will ensure farmers can easily deliver their crop, and access the expertise of the world’s leading macadamia processor and supplier of quality nuts.

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opening a macadamia nut

World Macadamia Organisation

The World Macadamia Organisation is launching its first consumer marketing campaign.

Focused on mainland China, it brilliantly promotes the role of macadamias in special moments around Chinese Festivals.

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picking macadamia fruits

World Macadamia Organisation

World Macadamia Organisation aims to lift global consumption

With an attitude of a rising tide lifts all boats, the major macadamia producing countries have come together to form the World Macadamia Organisation.

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preparing for macadamia season

Australia • 23 November 2021

Bundaberg irrigators will have full access to their water entitlement

After nearly five months of only having a water entitlement of 22pc, local irrigators on the scheme have welcomed the news of the allocation increase

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macadamia nuts at hand

Press Release • 17 November 2021

Marquis Group welcomes new grower shareholders

Marquis Macadamias Australia is in the process of welcoming a further 90 Grower Shareholders to its company, representing 5,000 tonnes of future nut in shell supply.

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marquis macadamia factory

Press Release • 10 November 2021

Marquis Macadamias Australia welcomes approval of Bundaberg expansion project

Marquis Macadamias Australia, part of the Marquis Group, has received development approval from the Bundaberg Regional Council for all three stages of its multi-million-dollar expansion to its macadamia processing facility in the region.

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gardening australia

Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia visits Brookfarm

Brookfarm hosted Gardening Australia presenter, Palisa Anderson. Pam and Martin Brook shared how they transformed the Byron Bay farm into a commercial macadamia orchard.

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macadamia plants

Press Release • 10 October 2021

Marquis Group ends season with highest kernel sales NIS receipts

The Marquis Group has completed the 2021 season with Marquis Marketing selling more kernel than it has ever sold before, and Marquis Macadamias receiving more Nut in Shell (NIS) than ever before.

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macadamia fruits

South Africa • 06 October 2021

Macadamia factory success is testament to what collaboration can achieve.

Macadamia farming is a sunrise industry, holding much promise for farmers, the economy and consumers alike, particularly as the market is experiencing exponential growth in demand, says Marquis Macadamias director Roelof van Rooyen.

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marquis macadamia factory and farm

Marquis Press Release

Marquis Group invests globally to increase macadamia volumes, sales and supply

The Brisbane headquartered Marquis Group is investing in the world’s biggest macadamia producing regions to provide global customers access to increased volumes for premium, consistent quality products and strengthened security of supply.

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Marquis Press Release

Marquis to sell Australia’s
native nut to the world

Australia’s largest macadamia growers, processors and marketers have relaunched under the new global brand Marquis Macadamias.

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marquis products with kids

Marquis Press Release September 2021

Bundaberg schools grow nuts for World Macadamia Nut Day

In celebration of World Macadamia Nut Day on Saturday 4th September, Marquis Macadamias has donated six rare, native macadamia trees for planting at local Bundaberg schools.

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macadamia farm

Africa Newsletter • June 2021

All systems go in Alkmaar, South Africa for better, smarter macadamia processing

A natural product aimed at the health market would be ill-placed if the production methods were unhealthy for the planet.

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The Macadamia South African Publication

AMS 2020 Yearbook

Australian Macadamias Society 2020 Yearbook

The Australian Macadamias Society Yearbook is the go-to snapshot of our industry’s performance over the past 12 months

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marquis staff announcements

Staff Announcements

Global push sees key appointments for Marquis Marketing

Marquis Macadamias, has continued its push to increase the global demand for macadamia nuts, appointing three new team members to its marketing company Marquis Marketing: International Sales Manager, Ben De Leon; Marketing Manager, Claudia Lordao and New Product Development Manager, Aaron Lewis.

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macadamia products

Australian Macadamias Society

New research shows consumers find moments of small pleasure beat big experiences when it comes to wellbeing

Burnout is not a new concept, but the pandemic has reinvented it, making our day-to-day wellbeing more difficult to manage than ever before.

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better homes australia ad

As Seen on TV

Better Homes & Gardens TV visits Marquis Macadamias

Marquis Macadamias hosted Better Homes & Gardens presenters Johanna Griggs and Fast Ed teaching them all about the Australian macadamia industry.

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manufacturing macadamia products

Press Release

Global Macadamias has rebranded to Marquis Macadamias (Africa)

Leading South African macadamia processor aligns with the Marquis Group to ensure industry stability Global Macadamias has rebranded to Marquis Macadamias (Africa).

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the nutshell newsletter

Growers’ Newsletter • 22 Dec 2022

The Nutshell, Dec 20

As 2020 comes to an end, our CEO, Marketing, Processing and Grower Services teams look back on this challenging year and how marquis has still been able to finish strong with an excellent result for our growers.

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