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Quality & Food Safety

At Marquis, quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we are always working to perfect it

As a grower owned company, farm-to-plate traceability means we can control our product quality every step of the way, from the macadamia orchards to the end-user. We care about shelf life and ultimate product freshness all the way,
which means fewer problems for you.

We’ve been a pioneer in the industry and a champion of best-practice in Quality Assurance since 1983.

We invest heavily in research and development each year to maintain the most advanced technology and quality assurance. Using cutting-edge technology and techniques, we sort and grade to exact tolerances.

Our rigorous chemical and microbiological testing ensures we deliver high-quality products to your chosen specification,
with food safety assured every time.


Critical Quality and Food Safety Measures

Industry-leading Pasteurisation

Our kernel is pasteurised through our Napasol pasteuriser to achieve over 5-log or 99.999% reduction in Salmonella.

We test every batch of kernel

Chemical parameters (peroxide value, aflatoxins etc) and microbiological (food safety) testing is conducted by certified third-party labs. No product leaves our facility without a positive release.

Packed to preserve quality

Our bulk kernel products are gas flushed and vacuum-packed in high-barrier foil to ensure maximum shelf-life for your product.

Unique Customer Requirements

Our team understand the importance of your own unique requirements and will build processes to accommodate your needs.

critical Food Safety assurance

Salmonella is a known contaminant in Macadamias and tree nuts.

We are proud to provide our customers with the assurance of our world-first Napasol Pasteurisation – a validated kill step that provides a 5-log (99.999%) reduction of Salmonella and other microorganisms. The system uses only heat and steam to treat the kernel under precise pressure conditions. As a non-chemical treatment, it doesn’t impact on the taste, appearance, texture and shelf life of our product.

Protecting the safety of your customers and the reputation of your brand are paramount. Marquis provides the confidence you need.


Our facilities are maintained for single-commodity processing. We do not permit other allergens, such as gluten, dairy, other nuts etc, through our facilities. This provides further assurance for your customer safety and brand reputation. Your products will not be compromised by cross-contamination with other allergens.

All products from Marquis facilities are: