The world’s premier macadamias

They’re the jewel of the tree nuts. A natural wonder. Creamy, buttery, smooth and best of all, good for you. At Marquis Macadamias, we’re about one important thing. Producing the world’s best macadamias. There are macadamias. And then there are our Macadamias.

Macadamias are special in every way. They are evergreen. They take years to mature before harvesting and are hard to crack but are worth the effort. We love bringing one of mother nature’s nourishers to people all over the world. We want to do it forever.

Our mission

At Marquis Macadamias good isn’t good enough. Our mission is to be the indisputable global leader in Macadamias. To shape the category and be the benchmark for others. We dream big because this is what drives us to succeed.

Our values drive us forward

We value the earth that provides for us.

For Growers & shareholders

As a 100% grower-owned company, we have the best interests of the industry at heart in everything we do.

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For Buyers

We value quality and reliability above all else. Whatever your macadamias sourcing needs are, we are your one stop shop.

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Macadamias. Nature’s super food

We know tree nuts are good for us but macadamias are the best of all, with the highest level of monounsaturated (good) fat.


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