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Macadamia Kernel Products

australian MACADAMIAS

We offer a wide variety of Macadamia kernel styles and grades tailored
for both sweet and savoury applications.

Our growers are dedicated to producing the highest quality macadamias in the world. By combining their expertise with our efficient processing, packaging, and distribution systems, we guarantee premium quality Australian macadamias every single time. 

Our unique business model revolves around growers’ ownership, ensuring complete product traceability from the orchard to your warehouse.

We are proud to sell the largest amount of Australian macadamia kernel each year, establishing ourselves as the ultimate one-stop shop for all your macadamia needs. 

Whether you require 1,000 MT of bulk-packed raw kernels, a few pallets of a unique blend of roasted and flavoured kernels, or even retail-packed ready-to-eat macadamias, we have the perfect macadamia kernel solution to meet your specific requirements.

Kernel Styles

Style 0

Large whole kernel (20mm or over) used primarily in premium quality snack products.

Style 1 and 1S

Whole kernels (above 16mm and 14mm respectively) used primarily in snack products, confectionery and as an ingredient in premium food products.

Style 2 and 3

Blends of whole and half kernels in various ratios that can be customised to suit a particular application or price point.

Style 4

Smaller half kernels and large pieces. Also used in a wide rage of snack and ingredient applications.

Style 4L (Large)

Large half kernels and the most versatile of the kernel styles. Used in a wide range of applications in snack products and as an ingredient in confectionery, cookies, cereals and cooking.

Style 5 to 7

Kernel pieces  from 3mm to 12mm. These styles are most commonly used as an ingredient in almost any application, including ice-cream, baked products, confectionery, cereals, health bars, salads and food service.

Macadamia kernel applications

Macadamias are not only delicious, with a smooth buttery taste, they are also extremely healthy. These two qualities make our Australian macadamias the perfect ingredient for almost any food product, in addition to instantly elevating the end product to a new level of healthy indulgence and premium positioning.

Confection Ingredient

Everyone loves a chocolate coated nut and chocolate macadamias are the pinnacle of the class. Wholes, halves or even large kernel pieces are all suitable for chocolate coating, clusters or bars.

Macadamias are also the perfect ingredient for caramel and honey clusters.

  • Chocolate coated or candied
  • Coated clusters
  • Protein or Paleo Balls and Bars
  • Nougats

Bakery Ingredient

Macadamia cookies are undoubtedly the most popular of baked goods, but macadamia kernel will also lift any brownie, cake or pastry to a new level.

Small halves are ideal for large cookies and biscuits, while pieces are perfect for finer, smaller cookies, biscuits, granola bars and inclusion in cakes.

  • Macadamia cookies and shortbreads
  • Brownies and slices
  • Cakes and tarts
  • Toppings for baked goods

Ice Cream Ingredients

Any ice cream product can be elevated to premium positioning by adding macadamia pieces.

Plain roasted or roasted and candy-coated macadamias make the perfect inclusion or topping.

  • Hero ingredient or to add texture with a unique creamy consistency and soft crunch
  • Premium topping roasted, raw, coated, or as crushed brittle
  • Syrups for dessert or drinks

Food Service and Home Cooking

Half kernels are a great addition to salads, stir-fries and fish dishes.

Kernel pieces are perfect in desserts and as crumb coatings for beef, chicken and fish.

  • Salads
  • Stir-fries
  • Crumb coating for beef and chicken
  • Seasoned crust for fish
  • Garnish including miked dukkah style toppings


Whole and half kernels or a blend of both make an indulgent and healthy snack. Popular snack uses include plain roasted macadamias, roasted and salted macadamias, honey roasted macadamias, and flavoured macadamias. Eat them on their own or as part of a mixed nut offer or trail mix.

Your New Product Here!

Have a different idea you’d like to explore? We’d love to hear more. The versatility of macadamias really means endless opportunities for applications. Let our team of experts confidentially review your new product idea with you. We enjoy nothing more than bringing new products to life.

Macadamia Kernel - Flavouring and Value Adding

We offer a wide range of kernel processing, flavouring, value-adding and packaging options 
to suit your business and requirements.

Roasting, and Salting and Roasting

Roasting macadamias is an art form. We have more than 30 years of experience in roasting macadamias to perfection. If your process requires light or dark roasted kernel as an input, we can reduce your costs and wastage by supplying roasted kernel from level 1 to 5.


We offer a wide range of flavouring and coating from the ever popular honey roasted, to vanilla and more exotic flavours.

Retail Packaging

If your requirement is for a ready-to-eat retail product, we can offer a turn-key solution in either your own private label or one of our retail brands.

From simple or re-sealable pillow packs from 50g to 1,000g in a wide variety of material specifications, to DOY stand-up pouches from 100g to 1,000g in any material specification. We get you covered!

Bulk Kernel Packaging

Our bulk Australian macadamia packs are supplied in a nitrogen-flushed, vacuum-sealed and laminated foil package for maximum shelf life.


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