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Why Marquis


1. We are a grower-owned and grower-led company

Marquis is the largest grower, processor and marketer of macadamias in Australia. We are 100% grower-owned with the grower’s interests at heart. It’s been that way since 1983, when a handful of macadamia farmers in New South Wales, Australia, took control of the production and marketing of their own produce.

Since then, we have become the world leader in macadamia processing and marketing. While our commercial achievements are significant, our primary purpose remains the same: serving the needs of our growers and shareholders, ensuring their continued success and prosperity.

2. High overall return for your crop

A combination of a payment scheme that rewards quality, a consistent laboratory testing process, and a quick payment system ensure our growers receive maximum value for their crop. Additionally, we return 100% of profits to our shareholders, further emphasising our commitment to their success.

3. Consistent and Reliable NIS Laboratory Testing

Our fully transparent testing process is fair to our growers. While the price we offer is important, the laboratory assessment of nut-in-shell also plays a critical role in determining their returns. Our Industry-accredited laboratories deliver reliable and consistent nut-in-shell testing. 

We have an open-door policy for consignment testing. Growers are welcome to see their assessments being done. We also provide a free special testing service to allow them to make better farm management decisions around harvesting, particularly early in the season.

4. High Capacity Receivals

Our efficient and high-capacity receivals areas ensure we can always accept our grower’s crop, which reduces quality loss associated with on-farm storage of NIS. It also decreases on-farm storage requirements, saving money on capital costs. This means our growers can reduce expenditure, maximise the price of their crop and get paid sooner

5. World Class Grower Support

Our dedicated Grower Services Team is at the forefront of assisting growers with progressive farming practices to increase production, quality and profitability.

We are committed to improving the crop yield and optimising the quality of our growers’ NIS so they can maximise their profit. Our regular Grower Field Days demonstrate the practical applications of the latest research and industry developments. Our partnership with growers is core to both ours and their success.

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Marquis Macadamia’s friendly staff is always willing to provide us with information and support. Through them, we have the confidence of working with a grower-owned co-op that shares the same dedication to the local macadamia industry as we do.

- Max and Yollie Millar

Yolmax Macadamia Farm

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The grower’s service is great, they look after you, and there is excellent communication. Everything is prompt and reliable. I find Marquis very professional in the way they make payments. You will always get the best possible return.

- Kim WIlson

6. Superior Technology Ensures Better Prices for Growers

Our world-class processing technology ensures our growers’ kernel gets to the market in the best shape to command the best return every time. We continually implement new systems and update our factories with cuttingedge equipment to lower processing costs and improve quality. This allows us to return higher prices to our growers.

7. Industry Leading Quality Standards

Marquis’ international reputation for quality is a highly prized asset in our industry. A positive consumer experience is central to our systems. We take great care to ensure our kernel has the longest shelf life by controlling storage and processing conditions. Besides the required certifications, such as BRC, we have our own systems in place to ensure the final consumer enjoys eating the most delicious macadamias every single time.


8. Access to New Global Markets

Our Sales & Marketing team is constantly forging global alliances that result in product innovation and new worldwide distribution channels, driving added value and higher prices for our growers.

With one of largest customer base in the world for kernel and NIS, we are constantly working to establish markets in new countries, such as India, where the potential for macadamias is very high. Within Australia, we supply national supermarket chains and large-scale manufacturers down to local cafes and restaurants.

9. Sustainable, long-term future

Marquis has a long-term commitment to our growers. We’re not just a processor – we have the goals, leadership and drive to steer the macadamia industry into the future. And that’s precisely what we’re doing! We actively work with the global macadamia industry, including the World Macadamia Organisation and Australian Macadamia Society, and we’ve been pivotal in driving many initiatives to shape the future of our industry, including standardised nut-in-shell laboratory assessment systems.

Interested in becoming a Marquis 

Grower or Shareholder?

Contact our Grower Liaison Team today!

Simon REV

Simon Andreoli

Grower Liaison Officer – Bundaberg
+61 401 710 810

Matt-Weinert REV

Matt Weinert

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore
+61 438 644 136

Mark Whitten REV

Mark Whitten

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore
+61 429 826 510


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Simon Andreoli

Grower Liaison Officer – Bundaberg

Simon was born and raised in Bundaberg and has a long farming family history, dating back to tobacco crops in the early years. More recently they have produced crops with sugar cane, tomatoes, capsicums, cucurbits, melons, peanuts and soybeans. Simon’s previous role includes Agronomist for a local fertiliser and chemical reseller, Bureau of Sugar Experiments Stations BSES and working for Northern Agri Services. He graduated from QAC with Rural Techniques Agronomy.

Matt Weinert

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore

Matt was born and raised on a farm west of Toowoomba in Queensland. Matt is a plant pathologist and has worked in horticulture for most of his career. Prior to joining Marquis Matt worked for Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) conducting surveys of northern Australia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea for exotic pests and diseases that threaten Australian agriculture and the environment. Matt has also worked for the Queensland and New South Wales Agriculture Departments in industry development roles with avocados, mangoes, citrus and bananas.

Mark Whitten

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore

Mark grew up on a grazing property and has always had a close affinity with the land and an appreciation of growing food and fibre. Mark has previously worked for Department of Agriculture and Food on soils extension projects and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Food on sugarcane best practice projects and has worked for a fertiliser cooperative.

Mark has studied natural resource management and agriculture at UNE.