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Our Facilities

our global processing network

The Marquis Group has full ownership of four processing facilities across 
Australia and South Africa.

The Marquis Group’s facilities include processing plants in Australia and South Africa.  This diversity of origin helps Marquis provide year-round reliability of products from the world’s two major macadamia growing regions.

Our facilities hold the highest quality certifications, including BRC, HACCP, WQA, Organic, KOSHER, HALAL, AQIS and EuroGap.

We were the first macadamia processor in the world to install a validated 5-log Salmonella kill step through the installation of a Napasol pasteurisation machine in 2015.  This process reduces contamination levels by 99.999%.

We also introduced a new nut-in-shell receivals system, improving the quality of kernel reaching the factory and reducing both on-farm costs and the loss of saleable kernel by growers.

Most importantly, our continuous drive to improve our facilities with industry-leading technology has standardised production in all Marquis factories.

Marquis Macadamias Africa is 100% owned by South African growers. The Marquis Macadamias facility in Alkmaar, South Africa, has a processing capacity of 15,000 tonnes and is growing to 30,000 tonnes. The addition of this facility to the Marquis Group provides a diversity of origin and supports year-round reliability as worldwide demand for macadamias continues to grow.

The Marquis group's processing locations