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Health Benefits

Macadamias offer a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits

Indulging your tastebuds with buttery, crunchy goodness while also improving your health?
Almost seems nuts and too good to be true…

Health experts recommend we eat at least one handful (30g) of nuts every day. Research suggests around 2 handfuls (60g) each day helps lower cholesterol, and that you can eat up to 120g nuts each day without gaining weight.

Some of the health benefits of macadamia nuts are:

Antioxidant Protection

Help fight cell damage, disease and cognitive decline.

Heart Health

Full of protective nutrients that can help improve several aspects of heart health.

Skin Superfood

Manganese and palmitoleic acid keep skin plump, smooth and glowing.

Diabetes Management

Help improve glycemic control in type 2 Diabetes and play
a role in Diabetes prevention.

Weight Management

Satisfy hunger and keep you fuller for longer.

Brain and Mental Health

Maintain healthy neurotransmitters and good cognitive function, positively impacting on mood.

Gut Health

Contain a combination of essential fibre types including prebiotic fibre for optimal gut health.

Every macadamia contains a potent collection of beneficial nutrients

Healthy Fats

Highest content of good monounsaturated fat of all tree nuts.


Important for antioxidant defenses, bone health and normal metabolism.

Natural Plant Sterols

Help lower cholesterol levels.

Low in sodium and contains potassium

Beneficial for blood pressure and heart health.

Source of fibre

Improves blood cholesterol and maintains healthy bowel function.


Counter the effects of harmful free radicals.

Plant Omega-3 Fats

One of the few plant foods to contain ALA – an important short-chain omega-3 fatty acid beneficial for heart health.

Thiamine (B1)

Important for releasing energy from food and supports normal heart and nervous system function.

Plant Iron

Great for vegetarians or people reducing animal protein intake. Iron supports healthy blood and energy levels.

Vitamins & Minerals

Every handful provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals including manganese, magnesium, B1, niacin, copper, potassium and iron.


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