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Pricing & Payments

We welcome all growers to supply Marquis Macadamias and experience the benefits we have to offer.

This Season’s Pricing Offer

We are very pleased to announce our 2021 season notional nut-in-shell price and believe it reflects Marquis’ continued effort to stabilise the macadamia industry and stimulate demand to ensure a strong return for growers.

Conventional NIS


*All at 33% Saleable Kernel Recovery, 3% Reject Kernel Recovery and 10% Nut-in-Shell Moisture Content. These are notional prices and all deliveries are subject to the Marquis Macadamias Terms & Conditions of Nut-in-Shell Purchase 2021.

Our 2021 offer includes:
  • Quality bonus for low reject levels of up to $0.30/kg at 0% RKR
  • Freshcare subsidy of $0.03/kg 
  • Commercial grade at Premium prices
  • No reject penalties
  • Free dehusking and sorting for deliveries with up to 10% NIH and 5% Gross Rejects delivered to our Lismore factory
  • Radius-based freight subsidy
  • Upfront payment of 50%, 3 weeks from the week of delivery
  • Anticipated final payment to the notional price by Christmas (cash flow allowing)

For more information, including our Offer Letter and Terms & Conditions, click here.

Past Performance

We are proud of our track record and dedication to maximising return for growers. For the past 13 years, we have increased the final price paid to all growers from the notional price. We make money for growers – not from them.

Notional Price
Additional payment
Final Price
*Watch this space.
6 year average
Payment Terms

Marquis Macadamias understands the importance of cashflow to macadamia growers. Our payment terms are designed to provide cash flow across the season. We offer strong first payments and regular instalments to ensure a balanced cashflow.