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Nut-in-Shell Products

We offer Macadamia Nut-in-Shell (NIS) in a wide range of sizes, grades and varieties.

Macadamia Nut-In-Shell is well known as the best of the traditional in-shell tree nut varieties. Having become widely consumed across China and parts of Asia it is now rapidly gaining traction across North America and Europe as a popular snack choice with consumers.

Raw Macadamia Nut-in-Shell

We offer a range of macadamia nut-in-shell (NIS) products to suit any market, price point and application:


Two size ranges:

  • 20-22mm
  • 22mm+


Depending on the application and price point required we offer three quality grades for our NIS:

  • Super Premium
  • Premium
  • Regular


Limited volumes of single variety NIS to the premium market such as:

  • Nelmac
  • A203

Sawn Macadamia Nut-in-Shell

Our ready-to-eat sawn NIS products use the latest technology to produce very fine 300 degree saw cuts making them easy to open. They are available in plain roasted, salted and roasted, or flavoured and roasted like delicious vanilla.

Macadamia Nut-In-Shell Packaging

Raw macadamia nut-in-shell (NIS) is packed in 25kg woven bags and generally shipped in 40 foot containers with 23MT to the container from Australia and 25MT to the container from South Africa. Bulk Sawn Macadamia NIS can be offered in 10kg nitrogen flushed, vacuum packed foil bags inside fibreboard cartons.