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Grower Contacts

Our Grower Services Team is here to help you utilise the best farming practices and increase productivity.

Contact the Grower Services Team

Email: [email protected]
Lismore +61 2 6624 3900 or
Bundaberg +61 7 4155 9377
Alternatively, reach out to our team directly on their mobile numbers listed below.
Simon REV

Simon Andreoli

Grower Liaison Officer – Bundaberg

[email protected]
+61 401 710 810

Matt-Weinert REV

Matt Weinert

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore

[email protected]
+61 438 644 136

Mark Whitten REV

Mark Whitten

Grower Liaison Officer – Lismore

[email protected]
+61 429 826 510

About Simon Andreoli

Simon was born and raised in Bundaberg and has a long farming family history, dating back to tobacco crops in the early years. More recently they have produced crops with sugar cane, tomatoes, capsicums, cucurbits, melons, peanuts and soybeans. Simon’s previous role includes Agronomist for a local fertiliser and chemical reseller, Bureau of Sugar Experiments Stations BSES and working for Northern Agri Services. He graduated from QAC with Rural Techniques Agronomy.

About Matt Weinert

Matt was born and raised on a farm west of Toowoomba in Queensland. Matt is a plant pathologist and has worked in horticulture for most of his career. Prior to joining Marquis Matt worked for Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) conducting surveys of northern Australia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea for exotic pests and diseases that threaten Australian agriculture and the environment. Matt has also worked for the Queensland and New South Wales Agriculture Departments in industry development roles with avocados, mangoes, citrus and bananas.

About Mark Whitten

Mark grew up on a grazing property and has always had a close affinity with the land and an appreciation of growing food and fibre. Mark has previously worked for Department of Agriculture and Food on soils extension projects and Queensland Department of Agriculture and Food on sugarcane best practice projects and has worked for a fertiliser cooperative.

Mark has studied natural resource management and agriculture at UNE.