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Press Release • 10 November 2021

Marquis Macadamias Australia welcomes approval of Bundaberg expansion project

Marquis Macadamias Australia, part of the Marquis Group, has received development approval from the Bundaberg Regional Council for all three stages of its multi-million-dollar expansion to its macadamia processing facility in the region.

Stage one, now estimated to cost approximately $20 million, revised up from an initial estimate of $13.3 million, will see a new delivery area built as well as drying and storage for an additional 4,800 tonnes of nut-in-shell (NIS).

Marquis aims to commence stage one of the project in the second half of 2022, subject to final design details, government agency approvals and possible additions to the first stage of the development.

When all three stages are complete, Marquis estimates the expansion will cost from $35 million to $40 million.

Marquis Group Chief Executive Officer Larry McHugh said the company changed the initial scope of stage one when finalising designs for approval.

“When taking into account the rapid growth of macadamias in Bundaberg, we made a number of changes to the design of stage one,” he said.

“We are also considering bringing forward parts of the later stages, so that we can better deal with the rapidly expanding crop coming from our increasing grower shareholder base. This may increase the cost of stage one to $25 million.”

Mr McHugh said the project would support the growth of the macadamia industry in Bundaberg.

“The expansion project is an important step in the development of Marquis Group as a grower-owned company and for the broader Bundaberg macadamia industry.”

“It will provide a secure platform for further industry growth and deliver increasing benefits to the Bundaberg community, including new jobs for Bundaberg locals across construction, farming and other areas.”

Marquis Macadamias Australia’s Bundaberg expansion project comprises three stages:

  • Stage One:

– Development of a new delivery area

– Drying and storage buildings providing capacity for an additional 4,800 tonnes of NIS

– Installation of a solar farm

  • Stage Two:

– Building of a new warehouse

– Building of a new production area

  • Stage Three:

– Two additional storage buildings


“The expansion project will significantly increase Marquis’ processing and export capabilities, catering to the demand for macadamia products globally,” Mr McHugh said.


macadamia factory staff
                  Marquis Macadamias CEO Larry McHugh

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