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Marquis Marketing Board

We have been using our collective ingenuity to develop a world class approach to farm management and processing since 1983, and along the way we’ve become the world’s largest macadamia grower, processor and marketer. Our skilled and experienced Board and executives, along with our highly trained and passionate staff, are always available to provide support and advice for our growers and customers.

Board of Directors – Marquis Marketing

Ivan REV

Ivan Giuricich

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Roelof van Rooyen

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Shane Hartman

Andrew REV

Andrew Leslie

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Donald Ross

Clayton REV

Clayton Mattiazzi

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Francois Vos

Peter Zadro REV

Peter Zadro

Phil REV

Phil Zadro

Peter Costi REV

Peter Costi


Luke Dunstone


About Ivan Giuricich

Ivan is a qualified Chartered Accountant with previous work for Deloitte, in addition to previously serving as Chief Financial Officer of Marquis Macadamias and Marquis Marketing during his time living abroad in Brisbane, Australia. Ivan works in the family’s farming business where he oversees the Marquis Macadamias Lows Creek factory as well as the financial aspects of the business. 

About Roelof van Rooyen

Roelof is a shareholder and Director of one of the largest commercial macadamia farming operations in South Africa. He has extensive knowledge within the industry having served on the boards of numerous macadamia processing facilities and macadamia farming operations over the past 11 years. Roelof and his families’ farming operations span across numerous growing regions within Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Roelof’s passion lies especially in the planning, design and implementation of Macadamia processing and marketing facilities. He successfully ran and more recently formed part of the design and implementation team of Global Macadamias, one of the largest processing facilities in the world, in which he is also a shareholder and Board member. Roelof has a Bachelor of Engineering and an MBA.

About Shane Hartman

Shane grew up in Limpopo, South Africa, in a small mining and agricultural town. Having always had a passion for numbers he spent a lot of time with the accounts personnel in the family owned business and even processed the accounting records from an early age.

Shane completed a BCompt Acc (Hons) degree from the University of Potchefstroom. This was followed by a Masters in Tax (MTax) from the University of South Africa and then a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Regent Business School.

About Andrew Leslie

Andrew has extensive background in the macadamia industry and as a grower himself having several farms around the Alstonville NSW region. Andrew is founder and operator of the successful ‘Avilla Farm’ – a natural skincare range featuring Australian macadamia oil as the key ingredient

Andrew has a Bachelor of Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management.

About Donald Ross

Donald has over 30 years’ experience in the macadamia industry after developing several farms in the northern rivers of NSW and also the Bundaberg, Queensland region. Donald’s previous roles include Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for large public and private companies. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Sydney University and MBA, Master of Commercial Law and PhD from Macquarie University.

About Clayton Mattiazzi

Clayton has over 13 years experience in the macadamia sector having spent the past 13 years at Hinkler Park Plantation in Bundaberg, Queensland. During his career at Hinkler Park, Clayton has gained valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of macadamia production including nursery management, farm development, orchard management and post-harvest handling. Clayton has a Degree in Agronomy.

About Francois Vos

Francois’s experience as CEO of AP Vos & Sons has given him the opportunity to successfully head up the macadamia and ginger divisions which exports globally around 1,000 tonnes per season. He is a fourth generation farmer and was the founder and Director of a large transport and logistics company.

Francois has studied Financial Information Systems at Cape Town University of Technology.

About Peter Zadro

Peter’s previous roles include working for multinational telco provider, Alcatel this role took him into various European and Australia offices as a programmer and project manager. Peter has a rich family history of farming in NSW with his introduction into macadamia orchards in the late 1970s. Peter has a degree (Honours) in agriculture and assisted the Department of Agriculture with the wheat and oat breeding programmes in Temora NSW.

About Phil Zadro

Phil is the founder of Saratoga Holdings Pty Ltd, the single largest successful producer of macadamias globally. His highly successful growth strategies have seen his orchards grow and spread across the eastern coast of Australia from northern NSW to Central Queensland and internationally into South Africa. In 1983 Phil built a macadamia processing factory in Lismore NSW, and formed a new company of growers and named it MPC, now known as Marquis Macadamias. Phil has been instrumental in shaping the macadamia industry to what it is today.

Phil’s previous roles include founder and Director of a number of hugely successful construction companies in Sydney NSW.

Peter Costi

Peter has been a passionate contributor and driver of the macadamia industry for over
24 years. From his home farm in Bundaberg, he has developed processes and
innovations that have been used across the industry. Using this knowledge,
Peter has also acquired, developed and subsequently sold additional large-scale
farms in the Bauple and Beerwah regions in Queensland.



Peter has been a current shareholder of Marquis Macadamias (formerly MPC Ltd and
Pacific Gold) 
since 1998. He has also been the Chairman of Marquis Marketing and was a Director of

Marquis Macadamias for 10 years, where he oversaw the integration and rebranding
of MPC, Pacific Gold and MMI into the Marquis Group, which became the largest
grower owned processor and marketer in Australia.

Luke Dunstone

Luke is a second generation South African farmer and the Co-founder and Managing Director of Pegric Estates (Pty) Ltd and a Director of United Macadamia (Pty) Ltd.

After completing a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering, Luke returned to the family farm and over the last eight years has spearheaded the switch from a successful, local sugar cane operation to a fully fledged macadamia nut enterprise.


Luke has served on different  boards in the macadamia and agricultural industries. His passion remains in the development and expansion of the macadamia nut industry in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.