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Australia • 02 November 2023

Marquis Macadamias' Historic Entry into India Celebrated at Australian Macadamia Festival in Mumbai

Marquis Macadamias, a prominent name in the global macadamia industry, announces a historic achievement with its first shipment of macadamias to India under the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA). The inaugural shipment arrived in India just in time for the Australian Macadamia Festival, held from September 30 to October 14 in Mumbai, where Marquis Macadamias played a pivotal role as a key supplier.

“We were delighted to be a supplier of the Australian Macadamia Festival”, stated Claudia Lordao, Marketing Manager at Marquis Macadamias. “We firmly believe this marks the beginning of an exciting journey in India.”

The Australian Macadamia Festival, organised by the Australian Macadamia Society, was a two-week culinary celebration that showcased the rich history, culture, and flavours of Australian macadamias to the Indian audience. The event featured collaborations with skilled chefs from popular local restaurants, engaging Indian media, chefs, food bloggers, social media influencers and trade partners. The immersive experience aimed to position Australian macadamias as a beloved and highly sought-after nut in the Indian market.

Funding for the Festival was provided under the Queensland Government’s Food and Fibre to Market: Industry Partnerships program, highlighting the importance of government support in promoting international trade.

“Our first shipment of macadamia products is now gracing the shelves of select Indian stores. Witnessing the genuine interest and appreciation for our macadamias was truly special. Marquis is confident that our small, nutrient-packed nuts will soon find a permanent place in the hearts and pantries of Indian consumers.”

“This milestone event marks a significant step in the Australian macadamia industry’s expansion into the Indian market and Marquis Macadamias looks forward to building a strong presence and establishing itself as a leading supplier of premium Australian macadamias in India”, says Mrs Lordao.

“This underscores the potential for Australian macadamias in India and reaffirms Marquis Macadamias’ commitment to providing outstanding quality and service to meet the demand.”, she concludes.

The Marquis Group is 100% grower-owned, processing over 34,000 tonnes per annum through Marquis Macadamias Australia and Marquis Macadamias Africa. Both regions are significantly ramping up capacity over the coming years.