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Marquis Marketing is dedicated to the sales of all macadamia products grown and processed by the Marquis Group both in Australia and in South Africa.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we ship across five continents.


At Marquis Marketing, our dedicated team of sales professionals are committed to providing superior quality macadamias. There are macadamias – and then there are OUR macadamias.

As the largest macadamia sales and marketing business in the world, our scale and diversity of origin makes us the supplier of choice no matter what your macadamia needs. Whether you are a global retail business. a multinational food brand, a wholesaler or a boutique food business, we have a macadamia product to meet your usage and volume requirements. From 1MT to 1,000MT you can rely on us for year-round reliability and quality. Our premium customer service makes us very easy to deal with. We will support you every step of the way as we help you source the best macadamias in the world. Having supply options from Australia, South Africa and Kenya we can delivery the most cost-effective tariff option for you.

raw macadamia kernel


We sell over 8,000MT of kernel every year. That makes us the absolute one-stop-shop whatever your macadamia needs. Whether you are in the market for 1,000MT of bulk packed raw kernel or a couple of pallets of a special blend of roasted, flavoured and retail packed ready-to-eat kernel, we have the macadamia kernel solution for you. Our grower owned business model means that we have complete traceability of product from orchard to consumer and our four state-of-the-art processing facilities in Australia and South Africa means we can supply the freshest and best quality kernel on the market.


We offer macadamia Nut-in-Shell (NIS) in a wide range of sizes, grades and varieties. The size of our growers’ crop means that we can select only the best quality batches from the best growers to market as NIS. Our vertical integration, sophisticated supply chain systems and in house processing means we can deliver the freshest, superior quality NIS to market in every load.

macadamia products


As the largest processor of macadamia in the world we can also offer a number of value added macadamia products such as macadamia oil, diced kernel, meal and paste (raw or roasted).