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Australia • 22 February 2022

Bundaberg Macadamia Farm Goes Carbon Positive in Industry First

In a first for the macadamia industry, Marquis Macadamias shareholder/supplier Hinkler Park Plantations have been certified as carbon positive after revolutionising their farming operations.

Hinkler Park Plantations has achieved total greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and removal of 17,670 tonnes (t) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) between 2020 and 2021 across its entire macadamia production system, through carbon sequestration and cutting energy and fertiliser use.
This is the equivalent to offsetting the emissions from 4,236 passenger vehicles for an entire year!

“This time eight years ago, we were struggling with soil health, tree heath and yields. By implementing biological farming practices, we have completely reinvigorated the health of our farm and quality of our macadamias,” said Clayton Mattiazzi, Hinkler Park Plantations Queensland General Manager and Marquis Macadamias Director 
“We did this by creating a media of nutrient-rich material to optimise growing conditions for our macadamia trees.
“The key to this was repurposing the excess organic matter within the farm: prunings, inter-row grass clippings and nut husk were all moved back under the tree into soil to compost this material into food for our trees. This activity is supported with large anaerobic composted mulch that is made from excess farm waste.
“What we have created now is a farm that sequesters more carbon than it produces, preparing us for climate change by building a biologically healthy and more robust farming system.”

Watch the video: