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Our Facilities

The Marquis Group has full ownership of four processing facilities across Australia and South Africa.
marquis macadamia factory

Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
Marquis factory 

100% owned by Australian growers, our Marquis factory in Lismore, New South Wales has a processing capacity of 20,000 tonnes with the capacity to increase to 30,000 tonnes. Lismore was our very first flagship Marquis factory established in 1983 and still receives crop from all of our growers in New South Wales.

Marquis Macadamias Lismore has the capacity to receive 1,500 tonnes per week with a nut-in-shell storage capacity of 5,000 tonnes, over half of this storage is in shallow bed, low temperature, humidity controlled drying bins. In 2015, Marquis Macadamias Lismore was the world’s first macadamia processor to install a Napasol pasteurisation system that can deliver a 5-log reduction of pathogenic bacteria including salmonella.

This facility’s crop is sold through Marquis Marketing headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.