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Australia • 03 March 2022

Andrea Lemmon Proud to Continue Macadamia Success

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Andrea Lemmon, Director and Chair of the Board of Marquis Macadamias, has spoken with Angela Norval from Bundaberg Today about her career and the female influence in the agricultural industry.

“I am a keen believer that my gender plays a part at Marquis, and, from my perspective, there are at least two aspects to consider about gender. 

Firstly, many of our shareholders, our staff and our suppliers are females, so it is critical for these participants to have a female in a leadership position that they can identify and associate with.  I have been very thankful for the number of women at Marquis or associated with Marquis who have told me how pleased they are to have a woman on the board.    

Secondly, gender is an important way to bring diversity of views to the Board.  Women often approach issues from a different perspective to their male counterparts, so having this diversity of perspectives brings a wider range of views and benefits.  My aim on the board is to have good, open communications so all views are heard, and to work in a collegiate manner across the board to develop sensible solutions for the business.”

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