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Australia • 25 March 2022

Committed to Top Quality

As her title suggests, quality manager at Marquis Macadamias, Christine Marschke is a woman who appreciates quality. In a role which she loves, Christine has seen how quality is the backbone of a successful food manufacturing business.

“The role my team and I play at Marquis Macadamias cannot be understated,” she said.

“Our growers and customers satisfaction are hinged on a successful quality management system and I am extremely proud of the quality team in Bundaberg and their commitment to ensuring we continue to excel in this factory.

“I am also very proud to be a female in a management role in this growing industry and in this growing company.”

Christine started working in the quality department firstly as a lab assistant in the kernel laboratory eight years ago.

She admits she was passionate about the job from the minute I started and took on an administration role in the quality department shortly after.

Over the next five years she developed the skills and knowledge needed for the role of quality manager and was delighted to take on that role three years ago.

Christine’s day to day in her current role is extremely diverse and she is thankful to have a dedicated team of quality staff that make her job a lot easier than it once was.

“Maintaining Marquis Macadamias quality, food safety standards and reputation is at the heart of everything I do every day as I am involved in all aspects from the receival of the NIS through to the dispatch of the finished product.

“Although I do not have face to face relationships with our growers, I am very appreciative for all the hard work our growers put into their orchards in order to produce such a high-quality product.

“One thing I do know is that we share a passion for quality macadamias grown and processed in our region.

“The Bundaberg region has such wide diversity in agricultural commodities and we are privileged that so many have chosen to plant Macadamias.

“This exhibits real confidence in Macadamias and their future in the world market and I am very excited to be involved.

“Marquis Macadamias growth predictions are substantial in the Bundaberg region and I am very proud to be part of this team moving forward.”

Through her role Christine continues to see how having a processor like Marquis Macadamias in a regional growing area who is committed to the macadamia growers continues to be of benefit.

“Our planned expansions are very exciting and mean we will be able to service regional growers for many years to come.

“We employ a range of equipment that helps us ensure our kernel is some of the best in the world.

“Our installation of a pasteuriser has been an absolute game changer for us and affords us a great deal of confidence in the food safety aspect of our product.

“The quality of macadamias produced in Bundaberg and Australia in general is exceptional.

“Our regional growers continue to invest in the expansion of the Macadamia industry and the Bundaberg regions contribution to the worlds macadamia supply is significant.”

Written by Angela Norval. Published at Bundaberg Today