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Product News • 17 November 2021

Stone & Wood collaborate with Australian Macadamias Industry

We are passionate about macadamias, and we want to celebrate this beautiful (and tasty!) collaboration between our industry and award-winning brewery Stone & Wood Brewing Company. Their macadamia-inspired Malty Mac lager is a genuine reflection of the macadamia farms of the Northern Rivers.

The team at Stone & Wood is always working to experiment with flavours and develop new products. Brewer Josh Waters says, “there’s no real limit on what beers we can try in this brewery, whether they’re traditional or a bit out there,”

The idea of a macadamia beer is a perfect fit for a brewery located in one of Australia’s main macadamia growing areas. “It’s a local product that we have available to us year-round. The idea of getting some macadamia flavour into a nice malty lager is just something that we thought would really work.”, says Josh

“Based on a traditional German style beer, the buttery Malty Mac has been modernised by adding macadamias to create a subtle, malty, caramel coloured brew, just perfect for easy drinking. It’s a great way for people to come and try macadamias in a beer.”