Australia • 06 September 2022

Marquis Macadamias marks World Macadamia Day

Marquis Macadamias and their growers have celebrated the macadamia industry on World Macadamia Nut Day, Sunday 4 September, by continuing to educate the next generation in Bundaberg and Lismore about this increasingly popular crop.

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Gardening Australia

gardening australia

Gardening Australia visits Brookfarm

Brookfarm hosted Gardening Australia presenter, Palisa Anderson. Pam and Martin Brook shared how they transformed the Byron Bay farm into a commercial macadamia orchard.

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As Seen on TV

better homes australia ad

Better Homes & Gardens TV visits Marquis Macadamias

Marquis Macadamias hosted Better Homes & Gardens presenters Johanna Griggs and Fast Ed teaching them all about the Australian macadamia industry.

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